Wiggle While We Work: Flexible Seating for Wiggly Little Ones!

Mrs. Schaffner
Blackfoot Charter Learning Center - K-4
Grades PreK-2
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $653.87
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

We are an elementary school in rural Idaho with about 350 students and 20 teachers. We also have several part-time paraprofessionals who are dedicated to helping our students be the best they can be! Our administration is amazingly supportive of everything that we as teachers do, and they want to make sure our students succeed. In first grade we have 94 children, 4 amazing teachers, and 3 very supportive paraprofessionals. We have a high population of children with IEPs and in special education. We also have a high population of low-income families. Despite that, we have a fabulous team of educators dedicated to helping ALL of our students reach their fullest academic and personal potential. However, funding is tight and there is not always enough money to get what we need to help our students succeed. Our principal is always looking for ways to cut costs, including purchasing things with her own money, plowing roads herself, and repairing things in the classrooms. But we still need more to be able to have the tools to reach all students.

My Project

These resources will enable my students to focus and be they best students they can be. The resources will be in my room available to all students at all times, as they are needed. When I put a child on the wiggle stool, or I give them a wiggle cushion to use, it is amazing to watch and see how just that little bit of movement, and that little bit of sensory input helps them focus and get work done. Currently I have one wiggle stool that I am borrowing from a fellow teacher, and one cushion that the school purchased for me. In the morning I teach an ELA group of 24 students that is highly populated with special needs and ADHD children. My one stool and one cushion no longer meet the needs of all of these children! The donation of these materials will give each and every one of my first graders their best chance at success. When I give them the tools they need to focus and work hard, I can see what great learners they are. They just need to be given the chance to show me!