Restock the Basics!

Ms. Lothspeich
Hillcrest High School
Grades 9-12
Ammon, ID
Project Cost: $1178.98
Dollars to go: $917.58

My Students

My students are very creative and show ingenuity while working on their projects! They love trying new things and working hard to make their project the best they possibly can. They always get right to work on their projects and work hard until the bell! My students wish to explore a variety of artistic avenues that our current budget doesn't allow for and I want to provide for them! These art classes give opportunities to help our students grow in ways they didn't even know was possible.

My Project

My art classes are up and running this year and with that, basic supplies are being used. Due to budget cuts, it is impossible to buy everything my classes need to get a quality Art Education. The products listed are things they use weekly. I have very talented students that need quality art supplies to achieve maximum growth in their art classes. For some students, this will be their only opportunity to use these types of art supplies and for others, it can spark a new interest because they know what they need to accomplish their artistic goals! With these art supplies, the art students at my school will not only be impacted this school year, but for years to come!