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Movement Works Wonders

Central Canyon Elementary School

Our students are so eager to learn each day. They come to school knowing that they are cared about and are going to have a good experience. We are a Title 1 school with 66% of our students...

Meeting the Needs of Growing

Black Canyon High School

Our school is a small rural alternative school in Central Idaho. The economy has been struggling for years. This has made funding things difficult. In difficult time we need to get creative to...

Students Wobble! Students Wobble but They Don't Fall Down Again!

I T Stoddard Elementary School

My fifth grade students are an energetic group that strive to learn and want to do their best!

I am a fifth grade teacher in a small, rural area in Idaho, located next to an Indian...

Electrify These Physical Science Students

Whittier Elementary School

My students represent many countries and a few live in poverty. We are a generally considered a low socio-economic school in our district. We serve our students breakfast, lunch, and afternoon...

Technology to Take Us to the Future!

Edahow Elementary School

My students enter our classroom each morning ready and eager to learn. They are always willing to try new things and gain experience from those around them.

I work in one of the smallest...

Financial Literacy through our Student Store

I T Stoddard Elementary School

My class is full of students who are excited to be at school each day to see what we will learn. Our favorite time is pulling out a keyboard and singing songs together that help us to learn our...

Wobble Chairs for Wiggly Bodies

Chaparral Elementary School

My students this year are hard working and eager to learn. Each of them is full of unique personalities that has made our classroom an exciting place to be. My students enjoy every learning...

New Novel For Students

Ridgevue High School

I am a high school English teacher who will be teaching night school February and March of this year to students who come from a diverse background of heritages and languages, mostly Latino. They...

Cameras for the Our School Paper

Nampa High School

Our school is the oldest high school in Nampa and over the years has expanded, now including seven buildings to accommodate over 1600 students. A lot of our students are low income, ELL, migrant,...

Thrifty Third Grade Store Part 2

I T Stoddard Elementary School

I am a first year teacher of twenty-three amazing third graders. My students come from various cultures and socioeconomic status.
Our school is Title I where all students receive free breakfast...

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