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Peer Court Needs

Jerome High School

Have you ever had a class that its sole purpose is to change the culture of a school that has 1,100 students? Well, that is my honor, I get to teach these young adults that are trying to do this...

Wiggle While We Work

Iowa Elementary School

I have the privilege of working at the best school. Due to the poverty level, we receive 100% free breakfast and lunch. These kids come to school ready to learn, even though they face things that...

Third Grade Techies!

Whitney Elementary School

Our school serves students in grades PreK-6 and provides rich academics, fantastic teachers and a safe learning environment. Our school is Title I, meaning that the majority of our students come...

Headphones for Digital Learning

Basin Elementary School

Idaho City is the remnant of an old mining town. The population stays around 500 people, and opportunities can be limited. Many students bus to school from surrounding neighborhoods and more than...

Go For The Chrome!!

I T Stoddard Elementary School

We go to school in a rural area, and my class consists of a diverse population including Native Americans from our nearby reservation, as well as a large Hispanic population that aides in our...

What's Cookin' at the Ron Clark Academy?

Claude A Wilcox Elementary School

My students

Linking Literature And Life Science

Garfield Elementary School

A typical day in my classroom has students deeply immersed into an integrated curriculum by reading and writing across social studies and science. They learn about a topic by reading, writing,...

Instant Centers for Independent Learning

Central Canyon Elementary School

Our students are so eager to learn each day. They come to school knowing that they are cared about and are going to have a good experience. We are a Title I school with 66% of our students...

Ladies and Gentleman, Take Your Seats!

Paul Elementary School

My students are full of energy and are excited to learn! They love innovative ideas and trying new things to improve their opportunity to learn. I am constantly keeping my class moving and I use...

It's a Strings Thing!

Terreton Elementary Junior High School

"What do we get to do today?" often floats through the air as students enter the music room. They are excited and eager to learn something new or to review an old favorite.

Every student...

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