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Tables for Success

Emmett High School

My students are very rambunctious and full of energy. This year we began interactive notebooks and group projects. Students are able to keep all of their work in one place and it allows them to...

Keepin’ It Real

Skyline High School

Our students are dedicated to each other and driven to better themselves musically and personally. They have an incredible understanding of the "bigger picture" and do a wonderful job of taking...

Proper Seating for Proper Learning

Ronald Reagan Elementary School

I love teaching! I work hard to help my students excel in all areas of life, not only academic, but personal as well. Third grade is such an important year for many students and I try my best to...

Sensory Support

Desert Sage Elementary School

Our school is a Title one school that supports students of all needs, involving EL, RR and ERR needs. My extended resource classroom includes students whose needs are severe enough to need all day...

Empty Classroom Needs Supplies!

Midway Elementary School

My classroom is full of adorable, full-day kindergarteners who are experiencing formal schooling for the first time. They are so bright-eyed and excited to learn! (As a first-year teacher, in a...

A New Year With a New Teacher

Gateways School Elementary and Secondary

I work at an alternative school with students K-5, specifically students with special needs. Many of their families are unable to fund basic school supplies. Our students would struggle with...

Stand Up and Focus

Rocky Mountain Middle School

It has been said that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to learn. In our classroom community of spunky and somewhat mischievous seventh graders this is our goal. Everyday we strive to learn not...

26 Students + 7 New Chromebooks = Success!

Fairmont Junior High School

My students are hard working and committed to maintaining their academic organization. In addition to the typical challenges 9th grade students face my students must overcome their learning...

Using more Words in Español

Whittier Elementary School

Every day my classroom gets filled up with amazing and wondering minds ready to learn. My students come into my class with a big, bright smile on their face ready to tackle the day.
We learn in...

Practice Makes Perfect! With Microphone Headsets and Whiteboard Markers

Acequia Elementary School

What was your favorite memory in elementary school? Often our favorite memories weren't learning experiences but times where we learned a life lesson.
In my classroom we spend a lot of time...

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