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Bouncy Bands for Bouncy Kids!

Peregrine Elementary School

Our school is a Title 1 school with a population of amazing students and dedicated staff. Despite the limited funds and tough backgrounds of many of the children, we have a great deal of school...

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

Glenns Ferry Elementary School

My students come in at all different levels and backgrounds, but they are all motivated students that want to learn. With that motivation comes a busy classroom and busy students.
My students...

Ear-resistable Listening Center for Struggling Readers

Summerwind Elementary School

My students are from a Title 1 School, 47% of them live below poverty level. I have seen students come to school without pencils, crayons and in clothes that are too small. My school is teaching...

Plugged Into Curriculum

Black Canyon High School

I am so proud of my students and their willingness to do their very best. I serve the most severely disabled students in our district. Access to academics is a huge task for them. They perform at...

Borah Lionettes Dance Team Uniforms

Borah High School

My students exemplify the definition of resilience. Many of my students come from less than desirable situations at home. Many of my students only find stability and se

Music to My Ears!

William Thomas Middle School

Our school is a rural school in a farming town. Our school qualifies for federal funds due to our Free and Reduced Lunch program but that doesn't always cover everything we need. We have about 70%...

Science Channel!

Jerome Middle School

My students are going to change the world. I know a lot of people think that about their kids, but I know it about mine. I have leaders, I have workers, I have geniuses, I have big hearts. I have...

OSMO Kits and Add Ons!

Lewis & Clark Elementary School

My first grade classroom is busy, busy, busy from the minute the bell rings until the end of our day. I have twenty-two students: twelve energetic and talkative boys and ten independent and busy...

Supporting our Cheerleaders!

Vision Public Charter School

This year marks the first time we have had a cheerleading team at our school. Our students requested more after school sports/teams so we began recruiting for coaches and team members. For our...

Learn The German Language

Franklin Middle School

"If I had a chance to take a foreign language I would have jumped at it." These are words spoken by one of my brightest, most committed students this year. In fact, this same student has been...

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