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Headphones and Clipboards

I B Perrine Elementary School

My students are eager to learn and excited to be going to school! My school promotes the students to be leaders in all aspects of life. Most of the demographics in my school are from low...

Technology Fun While We Fight Covid

Idaho Science & Technology Charter School

"All I really needed to know... I learned in Kindergarten"
-- Robert Fulghum
I teach Kindergarten at our local charter school which is STEM based. With Covid-19 affecting schools the way it is,...

Clarity and Focus are Needed Skills for Successful Online Learning.

Hillcrest Elementary School

My classroom serves a unique bunch of English Learners, low income, multicultural and a vast span of grade level needs. My students are excited to learn in this year of uncertain times, they are...

Tech Tools to Teach

Mullan Trail Elementary School

2020 has been a year of unknowns and navigating firsts so far. Not only are we now distance teaching, but anticipating what this next school year will look like. My students are curious,...

Healthy FUN Learning

Ponderosa Elementary School

My students enter the classroom every day energized and hungry to learn. School is a place of consistent structure in a happy classroom community. We are large school where we receive no extra...

Its All About Teletherapy Technology Access!

Glenns Ferry Elementary School

I am so blessed to provide speech and language therapy to 40 amazing students from a variety of cultural backgrounds in a Title I school district in southern Idaho. This is a small farming and...

Hybrid Class Cases!

North Elementary School

My students are lively and hard working children. They always strive to present their best work and learn the most they can during the school day.

Transitioning to online and virtual learning...

Books and Snacks

Lincoln Elementary School

Our students are loving, kind, curious kids who want to learn more about the world around them. They are learning how to be leaders, free thinkers, adventurers, and doers. They come from different...

Safe Storage! Safe Students!

Donald D Stalker Elementary School

My students are a wonderful, diverse mix of children who come to school each day eager to learn. They are curious about the world and have many questions for me each day. They especially love...

Our World Matters!

Glenns Ferry Middle School

"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it." - Marian Wright Edelman

My students are caring and love their community....

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