We Love Basketball and Movement in Our Day

My classroom has a basketball theme. Research shows that movement is class helps us learn. Our goal is to have a stand-up desk for every student. We are slowly adding stand-up desks as we can. In addition, we play basketball when we review for all subjects on a small hoop in the room. Teammates are classmates that sit at your table. Projects are done in teams and we try to move as much as we can through out the day. So far we only have 6 stand-up desks to share and a small play hoop for inside the classroom.

We are requesting basketballs to take our active learning we do in the classroom outside. Students are put into review teams and asked questions. The team that gets the question right gets to shoot a hoop. THEY LOVE IT! They try so hard to get the right answer so they can shoot the hoop. I plan to continue to use basketball to boost my students’ academic performance, cognitive skills, educational aspirations and educational achievement.

A Note from Mrs. Trent

I am so excited to see that this project has funded. The support of the DonorsChoose community is overwhelming and I feel so blessed to know so many people that value public education as much as you do. Thank you again for allowing me to provide these materials for my children. Research shows that children need to move during the day and this will surely help!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Trent