Team Sports Equipment

Our athletic program has suffered from budget cuts over the last 5 years. Our game and practice equipment is suffering and desperately needs to be updated. This project funded new game balls and practice balls for basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Our game equipment is below standard and needs to be replaced, when officials come to our games they are appalled at the condition of our game balls. I am also requesting storage equipment to help take care of our equipment. I have requested 10 tennis rackets that we can loan to tennis athletes who cannot afford their own equipment as well as new tennis balls for competition.

I have requested volleyball line flags so we have the proper officiating equipment. This equipment will be used in order to have a proper competitive environment.

New equipment will bolster the attitude of our athletes and show them that our programs are valuable and worth working hard for. Our student athletes have a “poor us” attitude because of the condition of our equipment. Having new equipment will help change the culture of athletics at our school and increase team spirit.

A note form Mr. Miller

Thank you for your generous donation! These materials will impact our students in such a fun and positive way. Our student athletes are excited to put these materials to work in practice and in games. No longer will our referees look at our game equipment and ask if we have anything better! This project will make a difference in the perception and performance of our athletic programs.

With gratitude,
Mr. Miller