Stand up for Learning

First graders need to be able to see reading, writing, and math in action. This book and white board stand will offer a central location for our learning to take place. They will be able to sit closer to the books and charts making reading information easier. We will be able to write more interactive stories. I can also use the small white board to demonstrate new math concepts. We need a place that can hold all of our books, charts, and supplies to make their learning more accessible. Having this stand will bring the students closer to the action.


A Note from Mrs. Bowen

Your kindness is very much appreciated. Because of you, my students will have a far better chance of engaging in lessons. Because they will be able to easier. It will make teaching easier as well. I am so excited to share our new big book stand with my students. Your generosity is amazing.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Bowen