Seats of Comfort, Happy Seats Make Happy Readers

This is a fantastic student-led project!! Our program serves students 14 years to 21 years with significant disabilities. They struggle with all academic tasks. We are in a low economic area in rural Idaho. We are part of an alternative setting that serves students that are at risk. Our students work hard to make progress and are proud when they accomplish their goals. They are motivated to go above and beyond what other think them may be able to accomplish. The are an amazing bunch of young men and women. The students that choose to work on this project are some of the students that struggle the most with focus in class. They have many challenges, learning disabilities, ADHD and some have Autism.

Having seating that is therapeutic will help my students to be more focused on their work rather than trying to get out their pent up energy and wiggles. Being able to focus will help them to increase their academic skills needed for higher education and vocational training. The students enjoy reading sitting on the floor and in comfortable seating, the bean bags will encourage them to read more. For the students we have it is difficult for them to sit and sometimes it is distracting for the class when they are wiggling and moving about. Giving them a proper place to sit will help them socially by encouraging appropriate classroom behaviors.

In Their Own Words

Our goal is to spend more time on our reading. We hope that the more comfortable we are, the better we can focus. During our reading time we spend a lot of time on the floor. We thought it would be better to have something soft to sit on. It will help us be focused and not worry about the pain in our posteriors. We plan to share the options of seating with everyone in the class by taking turns with the pillows and therapy balls. We want to have rules about using them. We won’t allow anyone to have food or drinks on the new stuff. We plan to keep them nice by cleaning them on a regular basis.