Science Style

We are excited to announce that we helped fully fund Mrs. Simpson’s “Science Style” classroom project. The project provided Mrs. Simpson from  Liberty Elementary School second grade students with hands-on learning with ready to use science Matter Activity Tub, Animals Activity Tub, Plants Activity Tub, and Fairy Tales Problem Solving STEM Kits. This project reached 24 students.

“Smiling, learning, engaging, reading, researching, writing, exploring, building, and problem solving are just some of the things you would see if you walked into a “Science Style” second grade classroom that had hands-on kits that are ready to use. Students would be working in cooperative learning groups sharing materials and learning from each other as they work through the scientific process discovering about plants, animals, and matter. By working with the hands-on science kits, students will develop great problem solving and logic skills as well as teamwork”- Mrs. Simpson

A note from Mrs. Simpson

Wow! I can’t tell you how excited I am about your donation. I am overcome with all the generosity!  Students love science and I can’t wait to watch them explore and learn all about animals, plants, and matter in these hands-on science kits. They will be able to work together to problem solve and experiment about engaging topics. These are materials that will be able to be used and enjoyed by all students for years to come! Thank you for your donation to our classroom!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Simpson