Reality Ride Mural for Character Development

We helped fund a very creative and artist project for Black Canyon High school in Emmett, ID. This project was created and facilitated by the students in Mr. Young’s class. The project provided paint and other supplies to allow the students to create an inspirational mural in the school’s hallway. This project stems from a course called WhyTry. The course focuses on teaching character development to teens and helps them understand how to obtain ‘freedom, opportunity, & self-respect’. The project will provide a visual demonstration of how the students interpret the various concepts in the program.

“The biggest impact this project will have is putting the important character concepts that we teach into the students hands. It will give them a vehicle to express what these ideas mean to them and their generation. It will also demonstrate to the rest of the school, as well as all future students, that their fellow students believe it is important to think about character development in navigating their way through school and life. The students will develop a sense of pride in their work and feel good about contributing to their school in a positive way. This project will also help students develop valuable teamwork skills because the task is simply to daunting for one person to do alone. Academically, they will develop art skills such as utilizing color and scale. The process of projecting a drawing onto the large wall space will also require the use of math skills and help students use these skills in a relevant way.”- Mr. Young

A note from the students

“When we walk the halls of our school, it is very plain and cold looking. We feel like walking zombies. In order to brighten things up, our WhyTry group has decided to paint a mural as a school improvement project to represent our school personality. We hope that this mural helps give the students a sense of pride and community. We are requesting funds for the paint and supplies, such as various-sized paint brushes.” -Dezeray, Rowdy, Angel, Lara, Drake, Cole, Jasmine