Play to Build Bodies and Brains

The students and staff are highly driven to be successful and work very hard to use time for academic instruction. With the pressure of more testing comes the push for more instruction time; with that has come the loss of recess and play time. Along with less play and movement time, there has been less resources for updating physical education equipment and curriculum.

“Our students are frequently losing the opportunity for physical and free time play.”

Research shows that recess is a valuable time to develop social skills, problem solving, creativity and imagination, as well as increase fitness and brain development. Playing is a time where students can build cross grade level relationships, let off steam and give the brain a chance to recharge. Many students at our school and across the country are losing that very important age appropriate developmental time.

With the playtime music and equipment with this grant, I would like to increase student opportunity to learn how to use their free time to improve relationships as well as fitness and sports skills. As the PE teacher, I would like to include more student lead games where they can build relationships and learn social skills. All students and staff could use the equipment during rainy/winter recesses, during class for more movement and during physical education

A note from Mrs. Krebs

Wow, I am so excited to get the news that we earned funding for the “Play to Build Bodies and Brains” project. Our school staff has been brainstorming for activities to help our K-6 students to learn social skills through play and movement time. This news couldn’t have come at a better time. This funding goes a long way in helping us give students new opportunities for learning. The amazing part is that all of the near 600 students will get to use the equipment, as well as small groups of students that need extra practice in learning how to play. I can’t wait to share the items with the students and staff at our school. Every chance for extra play and movement is so priceless in the day and age of so much testing. Please know that your generosity is greatly appreciated.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Kerbs