Middle School Yoga Props

Our K-8 Public charter school opened in 2009 with the mission, “to engage the children and the community of the Palouse in a rigorous and collaborative education of the highest standards by fostering a spirit of inquiry, a persistence towards excellence, a responsibility for learning, and an ethic of service.” Our middle school yoga practice is in it’s third year and students are ready to practice a wider variety of poses. In order to learn these new poses we need blankets and bolsters to support proper alignment.

This grant will make yoga more accessible for my students. Middle School Yoga Club and classroom brain breaks allow more students to increase strength and flexibility. In addition students will learn effective stress management and stress reduction through our yoga practice. In a world were we often log on and sit still promoting a more active way to recharge and relax is necessary.

A note from Ms. Boysen Taylor

Hooray, we have enough blankets and bolsters for everyone! My students are appreciative of your support and I know they will be thrilled to have access to the new supplies. So much of our yoga practice centers around creating a healthy, supportive environment. It feels wonderful to have you as part of our extended yoga community.

With gratitude,
Ms. Boysen Taylor