Math Motivators

All of my students are significantly behind their peers in math. They are accustomed to feeling discouraged and unsuccessful about their math skills. Therefore, they generally have a difficult time staying motivated and focused towards learning difficult concepts. We use a system of positive rewards and incentives that mirrors real life accounting.

Students earn points in the form of “money” that they can apply to different items in the student store. They earn money for positive behavior, completing work, and exceeding their previous test scores.

The items I am requesting for the store such as cookies, crackers, chips, and bubblegum will enable my students to apply real-life budgeting and accounting skills to their own lives. They will develop an understanding of both the benefits of hard work and drawbacks of misbehavior. This incentive plan is an essential piece in changing my students’ mindsets regarding their academic potentials.

So far this year, the store has been a great success, but it has become difficult to keep it stocked with our own personal funds. The requested items will allow us to help keep students working towards their goals.

A note from Mr. Young

Thank you all so much for helping us find this projet. The student store has been an important part of our classroom. It gives many students something to look forward to and also helps them accept accountability for their actions. Your generous donations will assist us as we continue to close the education gap our students are facing.

With gratitude,
Mr. Young