Making Reading Fun

We funded another fantastic project at Central Elementary school in Nampa, ID. The projected provide Ms. Haughs’s students with new reading materials to keep up with changing standards and to make reading fun. The project also provided practice cards and evidence kits support center time.

“Students will use these materials for a few different reasons. They will be available for students to use when they have extra time. It will reinforce their reading skills. The items will provide an exciting way for students to experience reading. The items will also be used for struggling readers who need extra support. Lastly, these kits will be used for center rotations and small groups throughout the day.”-Ms. Haugh

A note from Ms. Haugh

We are so excited that we have received our donor’s choose items! Every student was jumping with joy when the items arrived at school! The kids cannot wait to have extra reading time throughout the day. They love having a comfortable place to curl up and read a book. The center games have been a hit. Students are getting reinforcement in standards through a fun and exciting way! We are looking forward to teaching the other fourth grade classes how to play the center games. When students have the ability to teach, they learn even more. The items that we have received have made reading even more exciting in the classroom. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!

With gratitude,
Ms. Haugh



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