Incentives and Fidgets to Help Students be Successful

I once heard a quote, “We teach our students how to behave by what we allow, what we stop, what we ignore, and what we reinforce.” My days are spent redirecting my student€™s’ behaviors, teaching to meet the academic needs of each individual student, and teaching replacement behaviors. Students will learn that displaying positive behavior within the school will provide opportunities and rewards. Students will know that teachers care about their future and are willing to go the extra mile to show that positive behavior goes a long way.

They are provided with fidgets and other items to help keep them on track. Students earn points based on appropriate behavior. When students meet their weekly goals for their behaviors, they earn points to spend in the class store. They look forward to and talk about the school store weekly.

At the weekly store, I want to be able to give the students the opportunity to earn choice rewards, such as Legos, headphones, school supplies, and fidgets. My classroom is focused on students who are struggling in school, both behaviorally and academically. My students need incentives and fidgets that will reinforce their positive behavior and help them want to be successful. The choice rewards and fidgets will be a huge incentive for students and help them want to be successful.

A note from Ms. Wilson

Thank you so much for your support. The students and I are so grateful for the donation. The fidgets and incentives will help the students be more successful in the classroom. The students are excited about having the chance to earn such valuable incentives through demonstrating positive behavior. 

Once again, thank you for the donation.

With gratitude,
Ms. Wilson