Great Opportunity Await Great Kids

My students need re-useable individualized write on wipe off math boards, STEM activity centers, and interactive software for our three classroom Ipads.  Many of my “Newcomer” students will continue to need practice in their new language of English. The headphones with microphones would be a perfect opportunity for them to hear themselves as they use a very adaptable and specific computer program to improve their skills. STEM activities are always a hit in our room, these items will be used with much excitement to build, model and explore. Our three new Ipads could be enhanced with some hands on software, we hope that the OSMO products will encourage our students to share their reading and math through the showing and recording of their work. Weekly news magazines will encourage our students to stay updated on the news and encourage them to be more involved in activities outside of their classroom. Finally, the fitness balls will be a great addition to our variety of classroom accommodations for the different needs of student desk and seating arrangements.


A note from Mr. Johnson

Thank you for your generous donation to our classroom. I am very excited to soon be telling my students of the exciting, hands on items that each of them will have access to. With so many creative learning styles in my classroom, your funding of these multiple items will allow for new avenues to be taken and new heights to be reached. We appreciate you!

With gratitude,
Mr. Johnson