Counting on the Little Things

This project brought math manipulatives into the classroom to help her students build a solid foundation of learning. Students need hands-on opportunities to count, sort, and manipulate objects. So many times teacher try, because of time constraints, to push young children into symbolic mathematics. “They don’t learn the concepts and meaning behind the symbols and don’t develop real number sense. They need objects to hold onto. They need these things to help take their learning from the concrete to the abstract. Making math as meaningful as I can is my main goal for teaching number sense this year. I do not have enough manipulative for all of my students and without these I cannot teach the best way I know how.” – Mrs. Bowen

A note from Mrs. Bowen

I feel so blessed to be receiving funding for my classroom! These math materials will be used, not only this year, but for years to come. Thank you for making an impact on the lives of hundreds of first graders. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I cannot wait to tell my class!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Bowen