Color Our World

This fantastic program serves the most challenged students in the district. They are a life skills program but academics are important. The students face many difficulties in learning and need to have instruction that involves hands on activities. Having art projects that tie to the curriculum is one thing that motivates the students to be engaged.  This project helped provide lots of different colors and types of paper for the students to create their own masterpieces.

“Our students enjoy having colorful materials to enhance their projects. Our Social Studies curriculum has foldable activities that require the use of construction paper to make them. They like to display them and share their finished work with friends and family. Having the variety of colors to choose from will make working on these projects more enjoyable. This project promotes work on the students fine motor skills. Please help us add some color to our otherwise drab world.”- Mrs. Lutes

A note from Mrs. Lutes

I am thrilled that you all made this happen for our students. I can’t wait to tell the students. They love to create beautiful artwork to share with the student body. We appreciate the support for art in our classroom. You have made it possible for us to bring more color into the things we do. Seeing the effort, growth and pride is worth the sacrifice all have made to fund this continued work.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Lutes


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