Changing Lives One Group at a Time

How can one person make a difference in the lives of hundreds or thousands? As a school counselor, I strive to reach as many students as possible every day, every year! Facilitating counseling groups is just one way I can reach a number of students at once. I have several counseling groups planned and have identified dozens of students who will benefit from group participation.

“To make counseling groups fun, meaningful, and supportive, I need some help.”

Students participating in groups often feel nervous or apprehensive. To lessen their anxiety, I like to play games to break the ice and ease students in to the group topics. We can modify games like Jenga, Scrabble, or Candyland to increase student participation while covering difficult and/or serious topics. I like to have journals on hand for students to write about their feelings, it is often easier to write how we feel than to share our thoughts verbally. Art projects help to create connections between group members while expressing individuality and creativity. Through books, students learn to identify with the characters in the story while learning from the characters’ mistakes and successes. Each group I have planned requires something a little different to increase its efficacy and to ensure students benefit from participation.

A note from Mrs. Barnes

Thank you so much for helping fund this grant and for making a difference in my students’ lives. Your gift will make a big impact on my students and will make our counseling groups more successful. I am so grateful to have had your support in making the world a little better for deserving kids!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Barnes