Chains of History Change the Future

We are excited to announce we helped fully fund a fantastic classroom project at Sacajawea Elementary School in Caldwell, ID. The project provided students with historical fiction novels that challenge their thinking, in regards to civil rights and injustices.  Chains and The Whipping Boy was just one of the novels provided in the project supplies.

“Video reenactments, deep discussions, dioramas, student written readers’ theaters, student created equality commercials to play school wide, and more! What better way to dive into a unit on equality than to plunge in and experience it first-hand (through plays and reenactments), followed by persuasive campaign videos to promote equality? We read to learn and we learn to make changes in the world. It all begins now. Age is not a factor when it comes to impacting others’ lives. Books like “Chains” and “The Whipping Boy” will help us to do that. Students will get to hear about the struggles other kids have experienced in the past due to discrimination.”- Ms. Simpson

A note from Ms. Simpson

Thank you, CapEd and!!! Your support is greatly appreciated! These materials will enhance their understanding of discrimination, helping them grow passion for equality, and empowering them lead to some wonderful school-wide projects to make positive change!

With gratitude, Ms. Simpson