Can’t Get Enough Books to Read

We helped fully fund a fantastic project at Bonneville High School.  It was a student-led project that helped purchase novels and video equipment for their individual novel work and research projects.  “My students Colton, Kacie, Mia, Slade and Michelle are constantly reading and saw an opportunity to expand on the school novel selections with our upcoming personal read and research project. These students are motivated and hoping to see more options to improve literacy and attract new readers.”- Mr. V


In Their Own Words

We want to help the students of our high school by giving them a wider array of options when reading, to create a more soothing and personalized environment for each individual. We feel it will make it easier for the students to enjoy reading and be encouraged to read if they are comfortable, free to pick from multiple genres and have a good time researching for projects with a class printer at their disposal as they perform research.

We took the time to ask around with the help of our teacher. We asked all of the English students what kind of novels or series they were interested in and narrowed down from a wide selection which books we wanted to order. We then asked what the biggest problem with the library we have was, and the consensus is the noisy vents we have are too loud and the accessibility to a nearby printer is too limited. Having found these out we gave the list to our teacher and had him begin the project.


A note from MR. V

What an amazing success to get this project funded! We had our final donation given and WOW! What an awesome achievement. “THANK YOU” simply cannot say enough how much your generosity means. With so much help, may you be blessed for your kindness! These supplies will go a long way and create excellent reading opportunties for those who need it.

With gratitude,
Mr. V.